About In Her Skin

Understand what it’s like for a woman—In Her Skin.

Inherskin.ca is a health communication online resource for women living in the Durham Region. The blogs site looks at the ways in which women’s sexual and mental health are impacted by social factors. Our weekly blogs explore the lived experiences of women and their ability or inability to protect her health and avoid HIV infection.

Condoms and clean needles are useful tools, but ineffective when she faces issues that often knock her own needs right off the priority list.

Just being born female, and living in her skin, creates a unique set of risk factors for HIV infection.

This is where the community service providers in her life can play important roles: by asking the questions that show where she is struggling; and by strategizing ways to help her regain the balance that will make her life safer—and more resilient.

Women in Durham Region are at a growing risk for HIV infection. They need help so that they can feel safe enough, and confident enough, to insist on that condom or clean needle.

In Her Skin—the website and the yearly Forum—are about encouraging that support. In Her Skin is based on individual and community empowerment by providing resources for women related to their sexual and mental health. Additionally, by providing service providers with effective knowledge and tools about the syndemics—mutually reinforcing health and social problems—which interact to increasingly burden vulnerable women.

Inherskin.ca is provided by the AIDS Committee of Durham Region, through the Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative (WHAI). The WHAI program is funded through the AIDS Bureau of Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and is operating in 17 communities across Ontario.