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In Her Skin, 2017 – This year we talked about Making Babies

On March 9th at In Her Skin 2017 we shared the love by talking about about HIV and Making Babies!  Despite the presence of HIV in one or both partners, today’s treatments make conceiving and delivering a healthy, HIV-negative baby much simpler.

But the presence of HIV has an effect on the mother’s wellness. And stigma shadows a hopeful parent’s happiness.


Click the links below for the final evaluation, poster and agenda.

2017 In her skin Final Evaluation


2017 IHS agenda final


2016 In Her Skin Forum: Aboriginal Women

(combined with the Regional HIV/AIDS Conference)

The goal of this distinct program is raising awareness about the unique vulnerabilities faced by different groups of women and the multiple expressions which confound their ability to protect their health and avoid HIV infection. The portion of the conference dedicated to In Her Skin had an exceptional turnout with remarkable feedback. 95% of those who filled out a survey found Cultural Competence interesting and informative and 90% felt their expectations for the session were met. Comments made by those who participated include:

“This was the most powerful exercise I have ever witnessed. Changed my whole outlook.”
“Participating in the circle was very informative and I think it was a very empowering way to teach.”
“The facilitator’s breadth and depth of knowledge and compassion.”

The following report includes sessions and evaluations of both the Regional HIV/AIDS Conference AND In Her Skin Forum.
The sessions for the Regional HIV/AIDS Conference included:

  • Working with Trans Men and 2 Spirit
  • Living and Working With HIV Panel
  • Youth & HIV
  • HIV & African, Caribbean & Black Populations
  • HIV & IDU
  • Providing Support Panel

The sessions for In Her Skin Forum included:

  • Cultural Competence
  • Aboriginal Women & HIV

You can read the full Conference Evaluation here:

2015 Forum: Focus on African and Caribbean Women

When she comes to you for help, do you know how to reach past the barriers she feels inside, and sees all around her? Are you part of the solution?

Black women can face so many obstacles to protecting their health and avoiding HIV infection:

  • Racialization
  • Barriers to health care
  • Marginalization
  • Poverty
  • New Canadian status and/or trauma from overseas
  • Service provider bias
  • And more.

The 2015 In Her Skin forum will be held on April 14th, 2015 from 9am to 5pm at the Audley Recreation Centre in Ajax. The cost is $65, which includes lunch and refreshments. The following is this year’s agenda:

2014 Forum:

What is stigma and discrimination, how do traumatized women experience it, and how does it increase vulnerability to HIV infection?

This was one of many topics explored in the second annual In Her Skin forum presented by the AIDS Committee of Durham Region. The main goal of the forum was to render information and tools to help service providers support female clients.

Each In Her Skin forum is packed with professional and personal insights, in-depth discussions and interactive workshops. This year’s participants explored stigma and racism from different perspectives. Topics included: how women experience stigma because of their trauma; the challenge of motherhood and HIV; sex work, drug use, and discrimination; and creating trans positive services.

“Stigma and racism are two powerful oppressions that make women more vulnerable to HIV infection.” — Devorah Garland, Women and HIV/AIDS Community Development Coordinator, AIDS Committee of Durham Region.

The following are a few resources from the 2014 In Her Skin forum:

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